• Learning resources that match all learning styles
  • Key subjects: Maths, Sciences, Literature, English
  • 100+ Interactive simulations
  • 300+ English learning interactive tools
  • 1280+ Educational games
  • 1280+ Educational games
  • Private One to One tutoring

StudentsStudents Resources to Fill Individual Learning Gaps

Students are presented with multi-media interactive learning resources which match their preferred and natural individual learning style increasing motivation and pace of learning in Maths, Sciences, English and Literature. The result is a more self-directed and self-motivated learner whose academic achievement is noticeably higher. Thanks to the contributions of world renowned educational publishers, and our content development experts, students have unlimited access 24 hours  to:


Student Resources:


  • Maths Practice from grade 1 to High School: 5000+ interactive activities
  • Educational Games: 1280  (Music, Memory, Language, Math, Skill, Creativity, Observation)
  • English Language ILTS: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing Practice interactive  course
  • English Language Basic: 300+ Learning and Practicing interactive activities
  • Arts and Crafts: 100 interactive activities
  • Learning WorkSheets: 300 (Language, Math, Skill)
  • Simulations: 50+ (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science)
  • Listening and Reading Comprehension: 27 interactive activities



Private One to One Tutoring that matches individual learning style

In addition to all the online interactive resources made available to students, our registered members can gain access to private tutors online at a significantly discounted hourly rate designed to be the lowest world wide and affordable by virtually everyone. Our tutors are trained to understand the individual learning style of the child and adjust their teaching methodology and content accordingly. Additionally, our tutors mission is to promote the child self-sufficiency by guiding and encouraging them to rely upon themselves gradually reducing the need for the tutor himself. For further information on Private One to One Tutoring: