Teachers Mentoring

  • Internationally experienced teachers mentor
  • Personalized advisory by e-mail
  • Free of charge service included in your membership
  • Answer within 24 hours of help request 365 days/year
  • Personalized solution and follow-up plan:
    • Class and lesson planning techniques
    • Conflict resolution in the classroom
    • Matching teaching and learning styles
    • Resolving study motivation issues
    • Resolving subjects understanding and interest issues

Teachers Mentoring one to one

If a teacher is faced with a critical situation which needs urgent one to one expert advice, we will provide unlimited counseling and mentoring one to one by e-mail. Our expert panel made up of experienced mentors mostly USA and UK based will provide professional directions to assist the teacher in understanding the root cause of the problem, then they will put forward a practical solution, and a follow-up plan to ensure that the implementation is being done properly and results are sustainable. To use this service, teachers have to request help within the teacher resources area and within 24 hours they will get the first answer to start the mentoring process. This personalized service is included in the membership.