Download : The Hackers Code: The Great Prison Escape Project And Ways to Fly High in Life

A must million read!!!

Meaningful, exciting, thrilling and inspirational book to leave you with no other choice but to only fly high and thrive.

Why This Book?
-A large group of people are living in some kind of dreams; their ideal life; Unworked; Untouched; Unfulfilled.
-People are in constant dilemma of subconscious confusion; leading their dreams nowhere and untouched. Current occupation, societal situations, unproductive habits, false assumptions, and behaviors become the blockage. This entire thing act as soldiers of enemy and surrounds people and they don’t seems to find any escape from these unknown prisons.
-A large group of people lacks the proper knowledge, techniques and coaching to live productive, progressive, and authentic life style.
- The purpose of this book is to provide the missing ingredients of life education hence empowering people to actualize themselves and live an optimum life.

-Understand the wider aspects and concepts of Life and their own Self.
-Build the knowledge and expertise of the working and practical principles of Nature (spiritual as well as material side of nature) so they can design, develop and nurture their own life by their own terms, choice and will. As part of this, they will also be able to consciously craft their Life goals and work practically upon the process of accomplishments while having the answers of Why, What and How.
-Gain practical knowledge of meditative and energy-based techniques that they can apply in their regular schedule and transform their life so they can become more Productive, Mindful and Authentic.

-Knowledge of the key Laws of Nature in the spiritual and materialistic realm and will also provide open concepts about how everything is linked with each other.
-A uniquely selected and carefully crafted short correlated inspirational stories, to support the other concepts and techniques provided in the book, about the life of legends from various fields and countries, which will further help them to closely develop the concepts and best practices.
-Consciousness about unproductiveness, ambiguity, distraction and disturbances (lower focus and energy) based daily life scenarios. This book further provides the consciousness based concepts, hacking and lifestyle techniques to deal with such situations.

This book is direct competition to the books by Robin sharma, Mark manson, Seth Godin , Tim Ferriss ( Timothy Ferriss ), Jen Sincero, Zig Ziglar, Malcolm Gladwell etc. This book is sure to be best seller in many countries.

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