Download : Le Pendentif: Easy Short Stories with English Glossary (Easy French Reader Series for Beginners) (Volume 1) (French Edition)

Reading and listening to short stories is an effective and enjoyable method to learn French. 

With this collection of short stories, youll be able to enjoy reading in French, grow your vocabulary in a natural way, and improve your comprehension at the same time. 

These short stories contain vocabulary that you may easily use in your everyday conversations. 

There is no need for a dictionary. French-English glossaries under each paragraph introduce you to the words and phrases you might not know. 

In this book you will find; 
  • Greater vocabulary that you can use immediately, every day. You will add 1,500+ French words and expressions to your repertoire through the encounter of descriptive sentences and casual conversations woven throughout the stories. 

  • Useful French-English glossaries under each paragraph. Youll be able to focus on enjoying reading, because no dictionary will be necessary.

  • Natural dialogs and high frequency words and expressions so that you can enjoy reading and learn new grammatical structures with ease. 

  • A large french-english dictionnary at the end of the book: you can easily find any word from the story again, with its gender and its exact english translation.

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