Download : French: Short Stories for Intermediate Level + AUDIO: Improve your French listening comprehension skills with seven French stories for intermediate level (French Short Stories Book 1)

Improve your reading and listening comprehension and make learning new vocabulary so much easier with 7 French short stories. WITH FREE AUDIO


Introducing: a fun and effective method of learning French

When you can’t slip away from daily life to immerse yourself in a French-speaking country, reading and listening to French stories is the next best thing.

By learning this way you will be able to:

  • Understand grammar concepts without the monotonous chore of memorizing rules

  • Grasp new vocabulary that you can immediately put to use in everyday conversations, and

  • Practice your listening skills with the stories narrated by a native French speaker.

Improve your listening skills with the FREE audio!

Familiarize yourself with spoken French. The over two hours of audio recorded by a French native speaker will drastically improve your pronunciation as well.

Each story is recorded in 2 different ways:

  • A slow version to help beginners improve their pronunciation

  • A normal and natural speed for intermediate and advanced learners

READ: French Short Stories for Intermediate Level + AUDIO

No more need for a dictionary
Each story is broken down with a French and English glossary to introduce you to the words and phrases you might not understand. This removes any painful back and forth process of continually searching for definitions or translations.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate level
The stories are written for new French learners, but a basic understanding of French is recommended for maximum enjoyment and effectiveness of the lessons. Perfect for anyone who wants to brush up on their French.

Make the vocabulary stick
With the vocabulary list recap at the end of each chapter, you can review what you have read and listened to and make sure that you don’t forget any of the French words you learned.

Learn essential vocabulary for everyday situations
The book contains 7 stories about the following themes: Travelling, Cooking, Shopping, Love, School, Relationships, Movies.

How will this book improve your French language skills?

  • You will be able to train your ears to listen and understand spoken French.

  • You will add 700+ French words and expressions into your vocabulary.

  • You will be able to immediately put to use in everyday situations the vocabulary and grammar structures you learned.

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