Download : Englishwoman at Christmas: Holly and Ivy

Englishwoman at Christmas, a standalone romance and last in this current series.
Holly Branch has it all. Shes rich, famous and beautiful but, after a disastrous early marriage, shes also deeply distrustful of men, all men...
Lord Oliver Ivy has it all. Hes rich, titled and handsome. Hes also a world renowned plastic surgeon, or he was... Now hes an emotional wreck seeking solace in the bottom of a whiskey bottle.
When fate decides to play a trick on these two strangers, by dumping them in Cornwall in the middle of a snow-storm, fate gets a shock...

Note from author. When my twins asked to have a book dedicated to them, of course it was going to be jam-packed with twins...

This is a full length novel with a happy ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, no steam


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