Download : Claiming His Virgin In the Ring: The Filthy Wrestling Club

My stepmom told me I had to get in shape or lose my trust fund.
She didn’t realize that there’s a certain type of horizontal exercise that whips you into shape in no time!

Lily’s in a jam. She wants to go to college come fall, but her stepmom’s given her an ultimatum: drop the pounds, or the money her parents left her for tuition will be confiscated.

Shaft is a personal trainer at the gym. He doesn’t support the curvy girl’s quest to lose weight, but agrees to help anyways. However, the ripped alpha male has something up his sleeve. He wants Lily to join a secret wrestling club at the gym where every match ends with a CLIMACTIC finish!

Hey Readers – Reality has left the house with this one. Come on, our main character’s name is SHAFT, so you know this one is gonna be filthy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you :) As always, our curvy girl gets her HEA, and theres an ultra-sweet pregnancy, did I mention? Just be sure to keep a spare pair of panties on hand and put the fan on high. Enjoy! Love, Cassie and Sarah


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