Parental counseling

  • One to one parental counseling by e-mail
  • Internationally experienced parental counselors
  • Free of charge service included in your membership
  • Answer within 24 hours of help request 365 days/year
  • Identification of solutions and sub-sequent follow up plan
  • Customized solutions to critical child/teen parental issues:
    • Out of control behavior / aggressiveness
    • Low self-esteem
    • Low self-confidence
    • Poor academic achievement / unmotivated

Personalized Parental Counseling

If as a parent you need personalized advice to solve specific issues with your child or teen then feel free to write to us and one of our parental counselors will provide you guidance within 24 hours by e-mail as part of your membership. Contact us at:

It is important that you provide as much detailed information as possible about the issues you are facing so that our parental counselors can answer your question more accurately. They will provide you with information related to root cause of the problem, suggested solutions, and reading resources for you to improve your understanding of the problem and its solution.